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Bug it

Tap. Peel. Dispose.

Not a Magic Wand

But it Can Make Bugs Disappear.


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Bug.

Say What?

Janet - New York

“I love this product!, I wish I had come up with this idea. I don’t have to touch another bug anymore!!??!? I will be stocking up on refills now”

Jasmine - North Carolina

“I got the Bug-It about a month ago, and I love it. I don’t have to touch the spiders anymore. It’s so gross having the use a tissue and squish the bugs. But now I don’t even have to touch them”

Sally - Los Angeles

“I just bought the Bug-It recently, and it has changed our lives. We have an old house with lots of spiders and beetles lurking around, and we used to hear regular screams from the kids — and me, whenever we saw a bug. We called for my husband to kill the bugs, but he actually hates coming to the rescue, too!! Now, I feel confident in handling my OWN bug issues. Thanks to the extending handle, I can reach the bugs myself on the ceiling. And thanks to the sticky pad, I’m not afraid of a bite or squishing the bug. I don’t need to be close to the bugs, and no more feeling them squirm under the tissue after I smash them! Thanks Bug-It! My husband and kids thank you, too” Share what your customers are saying about your products, your company”